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The home of the silent rangehoods. Schweigen have developed a range of rangehoods that has removed the noise from the kitchen by moving the motor to the outside of your home! Smart!

Schweigen Silent Rangehoods - How they work

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A common complaint regarding range hoods is the noise.
Schweigen solves this problem by removing the motor from the
hood and installing it outside your home. This ensures silent
extraction in your kitchen.
The highly-efficient German IsoDrive Motor uses all it’s energy for extraction rather than pushing air up against gravity. This lets the rangehood concentrate all of its power on its primary purpose of removing large volumes of cooking steam, smoke, grease and
odours from your home silently!

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The Isodrive Motor

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This revolutionary product starts with a German fan and motor assembly, one acknowledged as the quietest and most efficient high-powered domestic extraction unit available. Schweigen’s patented solution is to take the fan and motor out of the canopy and move them both as far away as possible. A unique housing with an exclusive anti-water intrusion system allows the fan and motor to be fixed to the roof, under the eaves or to an external wall. There, the little noise that they do generate will vent out into the atmosphere where it is over-whelmed by the natural ambient noise.
It’s ingenious, it works, and it’s silent!

Isodrive is also Eco

It starts with an Isodrive motor, which is not only the quietest extraction system, it is also the most energy efficient.

As the system is vented directly into the atmosphere, the air is pulled through the system rather than pushed, the benefit being there is much less resistance to the airflow.

All of which means that while traditional systems use about 190 watts or more to develop enough suction, the super efficient Isodrive 650 system runs on just 62 watts!

Coupled with Schweigen’s LED lighting (optional) which uses 1.8 to 4.5 watts, instead of the 25 + watts consumed by halogen lights, these savings help make Schweigen Isodrive canopies 3 times more energy efficient!*

*Applies to Isodrive 650 with LED lights.

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